The Co-op was established and is maintained and coordinated by Tedach Ranch. Tedach Ranch is located in Bennett, CO, about 30 miles East of Denver. We are a small, family operated enterprise that raises livestock under simple, prairie grown conditions without the use of medications, stimulants or other growth modifying chemicals.


Tedach Ranch raises heritage breed poultry, the kinds traditionally raised on family farms before the advent of agribusiness conglomerates. These standard varieties are not only rare and in need of conservation, but possess the natural health and vitality to excel in a free range operation. The poultry have daily access to natural prairie grass from as soon as they are old enough to go outside. They forage on pasturage that has never been farmed or had chemical fertilizers applied for at least the past 20 years. The birds are raised humanely, provided shelter from severe weather and given secure nighttime quarters safe from predation. The birds have constant access to clean, non-fluoridated well water. Their feed is 100% vegetarian and free of animal byproducts. The grain is purchased from local feed mills and is specially formulated for free range poultry.

We encourage members to bring their families out and visit the ranch. Not only will you get to see beautiful and rare poultry, but you’ll learn what a free range poultry operation is all about and acquire a better appreciation for the American family farm. This is a working ranch, though, and any visits must be scheduled in advance.

Other Natural Food
Although Tedach Ranch itself is primarily a poultry operation our interest in all natural, chemical free food has motivated us to develop relationships with local area producers of other types of natural food. Consequently the Co-op can provide its members access to all natural pork, beef, and buffalo meat. These items are available in bulk, such as a whole pig or a side of beef, in sampler packs, or a few selected cuts of meat.